7 tips that will help your BOSS to empower YOU.

7 tips that will help your BOSS to empower YOU.

Trust enables Empowerment
Managers have a key role to play in becoming empowered.

The day to day interference of a boss who believes they know exactly what and how everything should be done is a huge cause of management stress and underperformance.

Most manager frustrations revolve around empowerment. Managers make comments like  “We’re not trusted” “We are not allowed to act without instruction, “We have no authority” “We have no input to strategy”

When I ask what they have done to take the power off the boss I get blank looks and one common response.

We’re just managers, its for them to empower us!

I have news for those that believe it is for the Boss to empower them.

No Leader will empower those they do not trust. Power (responsibility) is taken by showing you are worthy.

Empowerment is in your own hands. You have to take it by demonstrating you can be trusted.

Even if the boss wants to empower you they need your help!

7 tips on how you can help YOUR BOSS to empower you.

  • Buy in.

Accept that you are a part of the problem as well as part of the solution. Believe me when I say your boss does not want  to suffer from the 3am syndrome. And whilst you may not worry about the business as they do, knowing they are not alone in trying to find solutions is a great help. If the boss is awake at 3am worrying about the business it could well be that they think you are not taking ownership and as a result they feel alone. Show you care and Trust will be advanced.

  • Do what you say you will.

If you have a timetable then “HIT IT” If it becomes clear you will be late notify the leader early. Whatever you do, do not say at a meeting “sorry I have not been able to do that just yet”. You will be eaten alive, because if the leader had known earlier of the problem they may have been able to help. Now its too late! Trust is a dented. Keep them informed and it will become clear that you take “Doing what you say will seriously and Trust will be advanced.

  • Take ownership. 

Work as team to take ownership of the situation. Together you are a powerful unit. Help to solve each others problems. The leader loves nothing more than seeing their team as “musketeers” all one & one for all. Bitching is out! Trust is advanced.

  • Communicate.

The leader who begins to let go will struggle. They will be desperate to ask where something is at, which can lead to interference. Agree a regular update timetable and stick to it. Do not be tempted to skip an update because you don’t think there is little to say. Simply update that all is on plan. Trust will be advanced.

  • Involve your staff. 

If there is to be any change in a company and behavioural change is probably the most important change there is, then its important you bring all of the staff with you. Get your team to help you just as you are helping the boss. Trust will be advanced.

  • Cut some slack. 

You and your boss will slip, both have to be prepared to give the other some slack. Whilst knowing the problem is half solving it, the “action” half needs persistence so if either slip off then the other should encourage. Trust will be advanced.

  • Look forward. 

This can be really difficult if you have been in a company for a while, it is so easy to think something will not happen because of some past action. Trust me, if you both buy in, commit to the changes necessary and look forward, then you will get thereTrust will be advanced.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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