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First Steps to Bringing the Real You to Work

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First Steps to Bringing the Real You to Work

You may be familiar with Values and how important they are, and you may feel like you know your values already… but have you written them down?

There are three main components in my Values process: Purpose, Values and Goals.  They all work together and they each have an important part to play.  Goals are time limited and result orientated, and are like the rudder on a sail boat.  Goals allow you to choose a direction and set a time to get there.  

The reason you need to know your Values and your Purpose is because Goals can take you in any direction, just like the wind blows a sail boat.  Many people work hard to achieve a goal, only to feel disappointed and empty on completion.   

When you are clear on your true Values, and you know your Purpose, you can set Goals that are meaningful that move you forward in your life and your business.  

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