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Take ownership of the work environment

In my last Insight “People are King” I spoke about the importance of creating a winning environment.

In “People are King” I said I would come back to the second part of the exercise of my course. This exercise is a follow-on from having taken participants to the point where they understand that it is others behaviours, that are making them feel the way they do.

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People are King!

Your Behaviour is affecting your profits

People are King


When I am introducing my 7 Keys to Behavioural Centred Leadership course I begin with a little exercise. Before participants arrive I write two things on one page (page 1) of a flip chart and one thing on another page (page 2) then cover them up.

I ask the participants the following question “When you sit down in the evening and your partner asks you ‘how was your day’ what is your most common response”?

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The NOT SO Secret to being a Great Leader

Behavioural Centred Leadership

Behavioural centred Leadership

 A leader who has knowledge, Technical Skills, Charisma and is a good communicator will have an edge but the really GREAT LEADER puts their BEHAVIOUR at the centre of their Leadership style. 

I work with leaders from across the Board, from corporate to privately owned, multi national to local and I never cease to be amazed at how often the issue facing those leaders are a result of their own LEADERSHIP STYLE

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7 tips that will help your BOSS to empower YOU.

Trust enables Empowerment
Managers have a key role to play in becoming empowered.

The day to day interference of a boss who believes they know exactly what and how everything should be done is a huge cause of management stress and underperformance.

Most manager frustrations revolve around empowerment. Managers make comments like  “We’re not trusted” “We are not allowed to act without instruction, “We have no authority” “We have no input to strategy”

When I ask what they have done to take the power off the boss I get blank looks and one common response.

We’re just managers, its for them to empower us!

I have news for those that believe it is for the Boss to empower them.

No Leader will empower those they do not trust. Power (responsibility) is taken by showing you are worthy.

Empowerment is in your own hands. You have to take it by demonstrating you can be trusted.

Even if the boss wants to empower you they need your help!

7 tips on how you can help YOUR BOSS to empower you.

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Create great Mind Maps by removing Misunderstandings


Teaching Mind Mapping, I sometimes encounter people who are self taught or have learned to Mind Map from a book. Whist they may be competent, misunderstandings can arise. In this article I will discuss five potential problems.

1) Mind Mapping to generate ideas, “I’ll do my Mind Map in pencil and then colour it in later”

The purpose of colour in a Mind Map is not just to make it look pretty. It has a far deeper significance. Colour promotes creativity. It also helps in the cohesion of related ideas, linking together the words or images on each branch. If you create your Mind Map in pencil you are massively limiting its power to help you generate new ideas. It is far better to have a messy mind map with good thinking than a beautifully neat one with only limited ideas. If you are insistent on creating an elegant work of art, first do an ‘idea generation’ Mind Map in colour an then refine it with a second Mind Map. Think of it like a painter making preparatory sketches before completing their masterpiece.

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