Managing the Manager.

Managing the Manager.

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Two way Performance management

Welcome to the third and final instalment of my Insights into Behavioural Management.

In the first insight People are King I was making the point that your behaviour towards your team is effecting your profits. My second insight Power to the People talked about bringing teams to a position where they realise their real value to the company.

This insight is called “Managing the Manager” You may remember that at the end of Power to the People the teams had discovered their own value and power within the company and left with the question “what can we do?”

The answer whilst simple is going to take some bravery, they will in the first instance have to take some risks and this is where you the leader come back into the equation.

I chose the picture for this article to demonstrate the reality of how most staff feel. As I have said they do not want to wake up feeling dispondant about going to work and as I pointed out the biggest reason for their dispondency is poor behaviour by management.

The team needs its leader, they will not work against a leader who is demonstrating that they can manage individuals not projects. I said in People are King managing individuals is about exactly that, it is what it says on the can! You cannot take a one size fits all when managing individuals. If you get this you will have stunning results.

However we have talked about your role in earlier articles. Here we are talking about how your team can manage you and they can! but only if you give them permission. You have to encourage your team to give you meaningful, detailed feedback supported by real live examples. You have to allow individuals to give you feedback on how your behaviour is affecting their (and so yours as well) performance.

Your team will have to be brave but if you take the lead and give them permission they will find it a bit easier.


I developed a behaviour review model some years ago which I still use and offer to companies who buy in to the concept. If you want to know more then send me an e-mail.

I would also love your feedback and experiences related to work place behaviour. You can use the comments box below.

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