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Bob Hayward


Co Author of, The Value House & Persuade

Specialising in; Change & Project Management, Internal Communications, Employee Engagement

Bob is a sought after expert in the field of enterprise-wide change leveraging his skills and experience in internal corporate communications, employee engagement, training design and delivery.

Bob has designed and delivered a number of mission critical change projects for companies like Skype, Vodafone, Peugeot, Husqvarna, Unilever and SEB the global bank; some as an interim project-lead or communications lead and some as a consultant.

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Non Executive Appointments

Whether you want your business to perform better, need your thinking to be challenged or just want Knowledgable support, you will not go wrong by appointing one of our experienced team to help.

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7 Keys to Managing & being Managed

The 7 Keys is the best performance management tool you will find. Managing performance is about more than shouting when budgets are missed. The 7 keys will measure all of your staff on a regular basis and ensure all are focused on your goals. And they will enjoy the process.

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Business Transformation

The need for transformation can be caused by many factors and can be a daunting prospect but our EXPERIENCED team is sure to be able to help.

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Sales Team Coaching

Working with Paul our award winning Sales & Marketing Coach of the Year and experiencing his unique I.O.U.A.S.A.P and “Stressless Sales” techniques your sales team will feel more empowered than ever

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