People are King!

People are King!

Your Behaviour is affecting your profits

People are King


When I am introducing my 7 Keys to Behavioural Centred Leadership course I begin with a little exercise. Before participants arrive I write two things on one page (page 1) of a flip chart and one thing on another page (page 2) then cover them up.

I ask the participants the following question “When you sit down in the evening and your partner asks you ‘how was your day’ what is your most common response”?

I then tell them whatever they have written down will be on page 1 of my flip chart.

Of course they don’t believe me and write down their answer to the question hoping to catch me out. When they are finished I expose my answers and I can tell by the look on their faces that I have not been caught out.

I write their answers under my two answers and in only a very few cases have I had to shoe horn their answers to fit mine. They are of course amazed.

To the question “How was your day?” I had written on page one of my flip chart “Meh” and “My boss/colleague is a fool”.

Some examples of participants responses are “Its’ a Job” “It’ll pay the mortgage” “Who cares” these all go under “Meh”.

“You won’t believe what Bill did today” “I was so frustrated by Bill” “No one listens to me” “I told them that would happen” all go under “My boss/colleague is a fool”.

I then ask them “Is your boss/colleague technically competent?” Almost 100% say yes.

I then ask “Do you have good days?” They always say yes.

Then I ask them to “Write down what you say after a good day?”

For this I have written on page two of my flip chart. “Behaviour

Some example answers from the group are “I was told my suggestion for… had worked” “My boss/colleague listened to an idea/concern I had” “I was given that project I wanted” “I was praised today”.

These answers all fit under behaviour.

I then say, ” So It’s your Boss/colleagues behaviour that is causing you to have a bad day.” They get it instantly. (In my next article I will expand on this and talk about what I ask them to do next, but for now I want to concentrate on you)

If your staff are not engaged/interested or they are not taking ownership or are not coming up with new ideas or better ways of doing things, the reason, most of the time, will be because the behavioural environment is wrong.

One of the key responsibilities of a leader is to create the environment in which their staff can win.

Yes, having a great Vision of what you want, a clear strategy of how you will get there are important, but unless you can deliver it all on your own, you had better make sure those you ask to help, will be as excited and engaged as you are, otherwise you are doomed.

Your competition is too often inside the company not outside.

You can talk until the cows come home about the importance of profits, customer service, quality, stakeholders and my favourites, cash is king and content is king, but the reality you are missing is that PEOPLE is KING (sorry about grammar, but you get the point)

You will not achieve your goals unless you realise that those goals are outcomes not inputs!

They happen as a result of your staff  understanding, believing, implementing and enhancing your great vision and strategy. They will not do this with a great energy if the environment is wrong.

If you create the right environment your staff will reward you.

People do not wake up and think, “How can I underperform today” They want to be engaged, but you are switching them off with the environment you have created.

A winning environment has behaviour at its roots.

Behaviour in YOUR business, is YOUR business, and YOU need to lead the change required to achieve a winning environment.

So let’s move into a new space where Behavioural centred leadership is the INPUT, where  PEOPLE IS KING and content, cash, profits, et-al, are seen for what they are, OUTCOMES of the work of your staff.

In my next article I will talk about “PEOPLE POWER” and the role of your staff in improving behaviour.

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The 7 Keys to Principle Centred Leadership is a whole company program which helps you create and measure the behaviour of all personnel, ensuring the competition remains external. Contact to find out more.

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I am doing some research for a book and would love your help.

I see or hear of bad behaviour and how it is affecting profits in the work place almost every day, even when watching TV (the banking crisis, VW, Barclays etc) I also see and hear examples of good behaviour having a positive effect.

I know you will have your own examples or heard of one from a friend.

I would love to hear your examples for a forthcoming book I am writing. I am focusing on the work place but as we know the same is happening in every part of our lives so if you have personal examples from a family member, friend or even a person who is delivering a service then I would like to know.

Please put your examples in the comments box below and by briefly explain the behaviour, how the behaviour made you feel, and what was the immediate aftermath. For example

  1. A boss/colleague talked over me in a meeting. I felt belittled/unimportant. I switched off for 30 minutes.
  2. My boss thanked me for a suggestion. I felt brilliant, I was buzzing all day.
  3. A family member stole from me. I felt devastated. Never spoke for a week.
  4. I was having a bad time and a family member helped me out. I felt relieved, we are much closer
  5. I was served by a shop assistant who talked to her colleague throughout. I was angry. I don’t recommend that shop.
  6. A shop assistant was chatty, quick and polite, I had a great experience, I tell everyone.


Be as brief as you are able.

Please feel free to share this article with friends and colleagues.

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