Power to the People

Power to the People


Its All About Relationships written on chalkboard

Take ownership of the work environment

In my last Insight “People are King” I spoke about the importance of creating a winning environment.

In “People are King” I said I would come back to the second part of the exercise of my course. This exercise is a follow-on from having taken participants to the point where they understand that it is others behaviours, that are making them feel the way they do.

Incidentally, I have done the same exercise with managers and had the same results thus pushing the problem even further up the command structure. Even more bizarrely those at the top tell me that manages and staff are disinterested and not taking ownership!

Next, I tell my delegates this story;

So the company/department, has had a great year or hit a particularly important milestone and the senior team have decided that they should be rewarded and take themselves off for a weekend in Vegas (whilst an extreme reward, just about all staff are nodding their heads in agreement that this is about right). Unfortunately, there is a tragic accident and the team do not return to work on the Monday. The response to this story is often hilarious  and unprintable.

I then ask, “What happens on Monday morning in work?” It is no surprise that they eventually get to the point that in-spite of “the noise” they would, in the short term self organise and serve the company customers until told otherwise.

So far so good. I then flip the story and suggest that the bosses decided that the staff should have a weekend in Vegas (calm down, I know you would not do that, it’s a story). Unfortunately, I tell them, you do not return. What would happen on Monday morning? (Of course I get some who would say, who cares Im not around) But again, they get it!

The company is in trouble because not only are the staff the majority but they know that they are the ultimate deliverers to the customer. It is the outcome of their endeavours, which satisfy the customers demands.

They realise that they have more control of the companies destiny than they are given credit for.

Before they get over excited and decide to have a revolutionary walk out to demand more pay/holiday/lunch or whatever, I deliver the killer blow!

I summarise that, the behaviour of others who are in the main, above them, is what’s causing disengagement and that they have more power than they are given credit for. Lots of nods at this point, until I say,

“So why have you not done anything to change this situation?”

Confused they ask “What can we do?”

This is a really important stage because now they know that have the power, they have to decide what they do with it.

In my next insight I will continue the story…

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