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14 Common Recruitment Mistakes

Right person Profiling

Many organisations spend £000’s on the cost of recruitment without considering some very obvious ways to reduce their investment.

The hidden costs of recruitment extends to diverse areas such as the disruption to business of integrating a new member within existing teams to what happens when a wrong appointment has been made.

Here are some key blunders frequently made by business leaders when recruiting:-

1. Don’t consider the business direction
2. Don’t consider the business need
3. Don’t consider the needs and requirements of the team
4. Advert not worded properly
5. Hire misfit ‘Squegs’ (square pegs in round holes)
6. Don’t pay enough for the best people
7. Hire because you like them
8. Don’t see the ‘real’ person at interview
9. Mistake qualifications for experience
10. Don’t adequately check references
11. Assume because the candidate has done the job before they are good at it
12. Don’t know how to motivate different personalities
13. Hire family members to the detriment of the business
14. Don’t use Behavioural Profiling as part of the recruitment process

Using Behavioural Profiling as a key tool in your recruitment process is a sure way to minimise cost and disruption to the organisation.

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Five Lessons on How To Treat People

Five Lessons About How To Treat People

I found this on the web there was no author and added some images.

In a training session on “behavioural centred Leadership” I asked the group what they said when in the evening their partner asked “how was your day” they agreed that more often than not there were two key responses. “Meh”, or “my manger is a complete ……” When I asked “Is your manager incompetent” the unanimous answer was “No, just a poor manager” We went on to discuss how behaviour is at the hart of many of managements problems.

This article shows us that when our behaviour is poor we do not get the results we desire and when our behaviour is good we are sometimes pleasantly surprised

1. First Important Lesson – “Know The Cleaning Lady”



During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions, until I read the last one: “What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?”

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What is an engaged employee? Someone planning to marry?

Getting Married

The most valuable resource of a company walks out
of the door every evening and sometimes it comes back. When it comes back – it is worth considering how engaged or aligned the people are with the organisation’s top goals and priorities rather than how ‘satisfied’ they are.

Maximum productivity for most organisations does not come from a satisfied or happy employee; the most productive and loyal employee is known as an engaged employee.

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Five myths about employee engagement

Finding out about the plans clients and prospects have for the transformation of their business is one of the greatest perks of my job. One of the greatest frustrations is to hear, quite often, the same reasons why an internal communication initiative or employee engagement is the wrong thing to do.

Involve or Exclude?

The Boat Race Cartoon
All together now!


It makes no sense to exclude the very people who are going to be affected by the coming changes and yet repeatedly they are. Since the days of Coch and French, who in 1948 who in there article “Overcoming Resistance to Change” it has been known that there is a highly beneficial impact of involving people in changes that affect them.

When people are excluded from the change process from the very beginning, they rarely exhibit the necessary levels of ownership and commitment to see the new idea or strategy through to successful implementation.

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What in the world is Internal Communication?

Internal communications is the direct two way communications between employers and the people that work for them.

Sir Tom Farmer

As Sir Tom Farmer CBE, founder of Kwik-Fit, who built his enterprise from one workshop to a £1 billion organisation, put it… “In any business there are two types of customer – internal customers and external customers – the business depends on both types”

Effective internal communication is vital for establishing a credible link throughout the organisation; providing direction and generating enthusiasm, in order to make the right things happen.

Get it wrong and you could be in big trouble

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