The NOT SO Secret to being a Great Leader

The NOT SO Secret to being a Great Leader

Behavioural Centred Leadership

Behavioural centred Leadership

 A leader who has knowledge, Technical Skills, Charisma and is a good communicator will have an edge but the really GREAT LEADER puts their BEHAVIOUR at the centre of their Leadership style. 

I work with leaders from across the Board, from corporate to privately owned, multi national to local and I never cease to be amazed at how often the issue facing those leaders are a result of their own LEADERSHIP STYLE

Here are just a few answers Leaders give to my first question, “what seems to be the main problem;

  • My team aren’t up to scratch
  • No one takes ownership
  • Productivity is poor


All have a resolution linked to leadership.

  • The key to “My team not being up to scratch” is in the “MY”. They are a reflection of you and you’re leadership. Your Managers manage others the same way you direct them.
  • We will not take ownership if you keep telling us what to do and even worse how to do it. Tell us where you want to get to and then leave us alone, trust us and we will, over time, deliver.
  • Technical problems and poor processes apart, poor productivity is often a result of how we feel. You need to understand why individuals are not motivated. The Leaders behaviour towards staff is often right up there.

Profits and shareholder value are an outcome not an input.

Your company is just a story! once you have convinced others of your story Leadership is required

Leadership is about, creating a winning internal environment free of Politics, Self interest, “Banter” and Conflict and then letting your team get on with it.

Offer a new and measurable “Behavioural centred leadership” style and you will find success.

To find out how you can become a practising BEHAVIOURAL CENTRED LEADER contact me NOW for your FREE consultation:


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