What is an engaged employee? Someone planning to marry?

What is an engaged employee? Someone planning to marry?

Getting Married

The most valuable resource of a company walks out
of the door every evening and sometimes it comes back. When it comes back – it is worth considering how engaged or aligned the people are with the organisation’s top goals and priorities rather than how ‘satisfied’ they are.

Maximum productivity for most organisations does not come from a satisfied or happy employee; the most productive and loyal employee is known as an engaged employee.

Defining Engagement

A fully engaged employee has an intellectual and emotional bond with the organisation they work for. They give 100%, live and breathe the company values and brand, feel passionately about the customers and their goals. This employee goes beyond their essential duties or responsibility in order to delight the customers and drive the business forward.

The truth of the matter is that employee engagement does have a strong tangible impact on the bottom-line. The most valuable resource of a company walks out of the door every evening and sometimes it comes back. This is of particular importance in knowledge and service based industries. The quality of output and competitive advantage of a company depend on the quality of its people, their sharing of knowledge and contacts.

Is it about making staff happy?

Employee Engagement is the means or strategy by which an organisation seeks to build a partnership between the organisation and its employees such that everyone fully understands and is committed to achieve the organisations objectives and the experiences the respect by the organisation for their own personal aspirations.

It is seen largely the organisation’s responsibility to create an environment and culture conducive to this partnership. Global studies suggest that there are three basic aspects of employee engagement:

  • The employees and their own unique psychological makeup and experience
  • The employers and their ability to create the conditions that promote employee engagement
  • Interaction between employees at all levels

Employee engagement is creating greater motivation within the employee for the work they do and increasing the feeling of commitment to the organisation. It is about creating an enthusiasm for their roles, their work and the organisation, and ensure they are well aligned to the values of the organisation, well informed and well integrated with their colleagues and the fabric or culture of the organisation. Just a small job then…

Surely it is cheaper and easier just to pay for hands and feet, isn’t it?

There has been plenty of research across a number of industries and countries and the research from organisations like Gallup as to the benefits of enhancing the bond between the employee, their colleagues and the organisation. Some of those benefits documented are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Boosted business growth
  • Improved morale
  • Increased passion for, commitment to and alignment with the organisation’s strategies and goals Improved overall organisational effectiveness
  • A high-energy working environment
  • Made the employees effective brand ambassadors for the company
  • Created a sense of loyalty in a competitive environment
  • Attracted more people like existing employees Increases employees’ trust in the organisation
  • Created a community at the workplace and not just a workforce
  • Talent Retention
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty


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